This application in designed to handle of the problems that face android custom roms themers and to cut down needed time to create a theme Professionally without having to deal with long XML files and renaming many files, This application will help in renaming file, add data to XML files, editing icons, and creating the final theme package, Using a very simple and friendly User Interface and doesn't require any XML acknowledgement.


1. Supported Roms: Cyanogen mod, Miui, AOKP
2. Supported Launchers: ONLY Icon Packs ATM
3. Theme applications using custom themes

Image Files:
1. Edit images color tunes
2. Advanced HTML color picker
3. Renaming icons to the package name automatically
4. Registering icon to XML files

, And more to come...

URL="https://www.facebook.com/Tito.Yousef.Ali"Tito Yousef for the splash screen
URL="http://www.codeproject.com/Members/KenJohnson"Ken Johnson for his color picker

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